7 Key Elements to a Successful eCommerce Website

October 29, 2015 ecommerce No Comments

ecommerce website elements

Ecommerce websites are in no short supply all over the web. With people buying just about anything from just about anywhere across the globe, maybe entrepreneurs realize the potential that exists with ecommerce. Creating an ecommerce website Ecommerce websites are very delicate, and since any website that must handle a...

5 Ways to Apply Google’s Customer Match

October 22, 2015 Francis Shovlin AdWords Updates 4 Comments

google custom audiences

Google’s latest release, Customer Match, comes not as a surprise to those familiar with Facebook and Twitter’s Custom Audiences, but as a welcoming trick...I mean treat. A welcoming treat. It allows advertisers to target users based on their email address via Google search, Gmail, and YouTube. There are quite a...

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