I’m Begging You, Charities: Stop Making It So Darn Hard To Give You My Money

November 16, 2015 Gabriel Goldenberg Landing Pages, Optimization, PPC Marketing No Comments

The Canadian Red Cross smartly offers its donation page in two languages, and has a clear title for its donation form. The picture's also a good start to telling a story, though more detail and specificity would make it even better.

Many charity fundraisers have significant skill at fundraising offline, but don't realize that applying what they know to the web can easily double their online fundraising! Indeed, a lot of today's conversion rate optimization - the practice of increasing the percentage of visitors who buy, give or become leads -...

Acquisio Introduces Promote, an All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

November 4, 2015 Digital Marketing for Beginners, Local, Mobile, PPC Marketing, SEM 7 Comments

Acquisio promote

I’m happy to announce the launch of Acquisio Promote, an all-in-one digital marketing solution for local businesses in need of a digital presence and new customer generation. Why We Created Promote People who have been following my career know that I deeply care about helping local businesses leverage digital marketing...